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Brian Forrest, Federal Aviation Administration
1/30/23: IN-PERSON ROTARY: Brian Forrest, Federal Aviation Administration

Aviation industry leaders believed the airplane could not reach its full commercial potential without federal action to improve and maintain safety standards. At their urging, the Air Commerce Act was passed in 1926. This landmark legislation charged the Secretary of Commerce with fostering air commerce, issuing and enforcing air traffic rules, licensing pilots, certifying aircraft, establishing airways, and operating and maintaining aids to air navigation. A new Aeronautics Branch in the Department of Commerce assumed primary responsibility for aviation oversight, and William P. MacCracken, Jr., became its first director.

In 1934, the Department of Commerce renamed the Aeronautics Branch the Bureau of Air Commerce to reflect the growing importance of aviation to the nation. In one of its first acts, the Bureau encouraged a group of airlines to establish the first air traffic control centers (Newark, New Jersey; Cleveland, Ohio; and Chicago, Illinois) to provide en route air traffic control. In 1936, the Bureau took over these centers. Early en route controllers tracked the position of planes using maps and blackboards and little boat-shaped weights that came to be called “shrimp boats.” They had no direct radio link with aircraft, but used telephones to stay in touch with airline dispatchers, airway radio operators, and airport traffic controllers. Although en route ATC became a federal responsibility, local government authorities continued to operate …..

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Rotary Club of Aiken Awards $115,000 in Scholarships to 2022 Graduates


Co-Chairs of the Scholarship Program, Linda Strojan and Lyddie Hansen, shared the exciting newCo-Chairs of the Scholarship Program, Linda Strojan and Lyddie Hansen
Albrecht family increases support for Rotary Club of Aiken’s scholarship program to $100.000 which will allow the Rotary Club to increase the value of an individual scholarship from $5,000 to $7,500.


community grants 2022
Rotary Club of Aiken awards $10,000 in Community Service Grants



RI President Jennifer Jones imagines a Rotary where members act to make their dreams become reality and they make the most of their club experiences. She urges members to engage more with each other and use these connections to build partnerships that change the world.

Jennifer Jones, President of Rotary International, 2022-2023

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We meet Mondays at Newberry Hall in vibrant downtown Aiken. Our lunch buffet opens at noon, meeting starts at 12:30 pm, and we adjourn at 1:30 pm. Please stop by the registration table so we can get your information. Come join us!

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