Aiken Rotary Scholarships

The Rotary Club of Aiken has awarded scholarships worth a total of $115,000 to 23 High School graduates from the class of 2022. Each recipient received $5,000.

The grants’ official name is the Rotary Club of Aiken Foundation Scholarships Supported by the Albrecht Family Charitable Trust, The Kisner Foundation and The Gifting Tree.

The scholarships are for students who live in Area 1 of the Aiken County Public School District or who attend an Area 1 school.


Please be as thorough, open and honest as possible. We want to know about what sets you apart from the other students applying.

This scholarship is open to all graduating high school students who live in Area 1 or attend an Area 1 school. We have revised and improved the electronic application system to make the application process easier.

Applications must be submitted no later than midnight, April 1, 2022.

Scholarship awards consider your extracurricular activities, the importance you attach to furthering your education, examples of your dedication to Rotary’s “Service above Self” motto, challenges you have overcome, your financial need for the scholarship, and your own efforts to address these financial needs.

On behalf of the scholarship committee, we wish you much success in your future endeavors, and we look forward to receiving your application.