Club News: Rotary International recognized the Rotary Club of Aiken for the Rotary year 2020-21

Rotary International recognized our club for the Rotary year 2020-21 (Ellen Priest’ year as Club President). One banner recognized that every Rotarian (EREY Every Rotarian Every Year) in the club contributed to the Foundation in 2020-21. This is quite an achievement. The other banner recognizes the club as one of the top tier givers in the District for per capita giving to the Foundation- avg giving per capita was $100. Again, an amazing achievement. The paper award is way of recognizing the club’s contribution to Polio Plus its eradication. Pictured is Candy Hamilton, Club President Mallory Holley, and Rotary District 7750 Assistant Governor Rysheeka Bush.

Rotary International recognized 2020-21