Litter Pick Up: Palmetto Pide Highway

Once a quarter, Aiken Rotary Club members actually roll up their sleeves and participate along with Rotoract and Interact members and guests in trash collection on a 2 mile stretch of local highway along the University Parkway adjacent to the Aiken County Government Center.

The quarterly litter pick-up supports Palmetto Pride, the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s highway beautification program.

The Rotary Club volunteers spend a Saturday morning traipsing through the underbrush and wet grass retrieving litter ranging from ever-present styrofoam cups to tossed-aside empty potato chip bags; from broken auto parts to evidence of serious partying.

At the end of all of their hard work, the volunteers receive a “tail gate” reception of coffee, doughnuts, cold water, and soft drinks furnished by the Club.

Aiken Rotary Club Litter Pick-Up past chairman Rick McLeod says club members have recovered over 3,500 pounds of refuse over the past 5 years. Says McLeod, “that’s almost 2 tons of trash! Our Club is proud of our efforts but we wish people would think twice before they toss”.

The Aiken Rotary Club litter pick-up initiative represents a further commitment to the community through “service beyond self”, the Rotary motto.